Studio Practice

Our Marks ~ proposal

Our Marks, 2017

DeQuindra Shatae Johnson

Dimensions: 8’ x 7’ x 8’

Media: wood, foam, paper, pen, LED fading rope lights or s hooks

Budget: ~$300

Requested Materials: Computer for viewing the hosted website, podium


Our Marks is a visual collection of data of personal opinion as well as personality. Starting with a survey, I collect data on what people think their mark in life, school, work, etc. will be as well as a symbol of what they think best describes that mark. Once I have obtained enough responses, I will then create the shapes of those marks and write down what those marks are before hanging them from or on top of the roof of my large hollow structure.

Once complete, the structure will have a forest-like effect in which the audience may walk through and read each person’s wanted mark. When their mark has been made, they will have the option to post them on the website to make a digital copy of what they want to leave behind and be able to look back at it in the future.

I began this project by thinking about what I’m leaving behind when I finally accomplish my goals. Everyone wants to leave a mark and be memorable for something, but the questions are for what and to whom. Learning about those marks can change the perspective of how people view things, and seeing if those marks were made may inspire them to create new ones.

Artist’s Statement:

What we leave behind is something that everyone thinks about, whether it be an idea, object, or circumstance. Being remembered after we leave is something I believe is very important. What it says is what gives those we’ve left behind permission to judge us, but in only one way. How it grows depends completely on how others choose to pursue the notion of who we are as a person with only one clue left behind. Sometimes we don’t get the option of choosing what people remember us for, and others believe they don’t need to leave something behind. So, if you want to be remembered for something, why not think about it now before it’s too late?



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