Studio Practice

Our Marks ~ materials

I have obtained almost all of my materials for my project and am about to work on how I should prepare the construction process. I am still collecting surveys but would like to start getting the ones I already have on my fishing line. I am still thinking about how to weigh down my line if it’s not straightened out. My only idea was to use marbles because both the weight and size is what I assumed would be the most ideal.


I have also decided on making a one entrance pathway with a small, circular area for viewers to look at my ‘marks’ without fear of disturbing them (they are still free to walk through). If I am ahead of schedule on my progress, I would like to possibly expand my work longer than 8’x8′.

I’ll need to put multiple points of attachments on hanging my material since it is not wood, but more of a plastic material. It already came in white but they didn’t have any smaller than 4’x8′ (luckily I was able to strap it to the roof of my car). I’ve purchased two of these and have also purchased a 900 yd roll of fishing line.



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